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With over 40 years of sewing experience, Pam met Patches in 2012.  Patches saw the quilts and embroidered items and suggested to her pet parent that she start her own business.  After a couple of craft shows, where her embroidered towels, quilts and customized products were a hit, Pam decided Patches had a great idea and Pam and Patches was born.

Custom Quilt Celebrating a Naval Career

Custom Orders

Looking for that one of a kind softgood, want to customize your wedding, needing something extra special for your business?  Let us tell your story or that of a loved one.  We can sew that t-shirt quilt, memory quilt or even make that pattern you loved as a child but don't have the time to make.  Let us make your wedding special with custom made items of your dreams.   Let us help you design things for your dream home to  become reality.  Let us do your embroidery on towels for that new home owner? Let us make your business t-shirts or even embroidered initials on sleeves.  Let us make your dreams come true by sewing them together one  stitch at a time.

We will also quilt your quilt for you that you have made yourself.  See our store for pricing.

My main machine

Machines and Materials

Pam and Patches uses top embroidery machines, sewing machines, and a cutter to make quality products out of quality materials.  We own our own software so digitizing items is no problem.  No cheap fabrics, we order from quality manufactures or visit the store to find out what material we are getting before making your item.  We will stay in contact with you throughout the progress of your dream product.  If you buy a stock item, we stand behind it 100%.  We hope make you happy with your purchase.

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Please contact us via e-mail at pktquilts@gmail.com

We love our customers.  Please feel free to contact us via e-mail or by phone.

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